Division of Hematology Committees

Executive Faculty Committee 

Dr. Isaac Odame    Division Director, Chair
Dr. Martina Trinkaus    Residency Program Director (SMH)
Dr. Vikas Gupta    Research Committee (Director)
Dr. Gloria Lim Fellowship Committee (Director)
Dr. Vishal Kukreti      QI Committee (Director)
Dr. Erik Yeo  UHN – TGH
Dr. Eugenia Piliotis SHSC
Dr. Richard Ward     UHN – TGH
Dr. Lee Mozessohn SHSC
Dr. Nadine Shehata   MSH
Dr. Steven Chan    UHN – PMH
Dr. Ian Quirt    Mentorship Facilitator

Residency Program Committee

Dr. Martina Trinkaus Program Director, Chair
Dr. Zachary Liederman UHN, Benign Rep
Dr. Lisa Chodirker SHSC Rep
Dr. Christine Cserti Transfusion Medicine Rep   
Dr. Anca Prica UHN, Malignant Rep
Dr. Hassan Sibai UHN, Malignant Rep
Dr. Jillian Baker HSC, Pediatric Clinical Rotation Rep
Dr. Roseann Andreou Community Rep
Dr. Eric Tseng SMH, Benign Rep
Dr. Ian Quirt Mentorship Facilitator
 PGY-4 Rep
 PGY-4 Rep

Research Committee

As a reminder, the research committee continues to offer an internal peer-review of grant and clinical trial LOIs.  With funding continuing to be very competitive we urge both junior and senior faculty members to avail themselves of this service.  Through helpful advice and constructive comments, we hope to increase your chances of success when the proposal goes forward for external review.

Dr. Vikas Gupta Chair
Dr. Anca Prica   UHN 
Dr. Matthew Cheung SHSC
Dr. Walter Kahr     HSC
Dr. Michelle Sholzberg SMH
Dr. Hubert Tsui SHSC

Dr. Steven Chan                                 PMH